Success if life is rare. Succeeding as a man is rare still. This article throws some lights on the challenges that men face every day and provides some tips on how it could be managed efficiently.

I am a Father, husband, son, brother, uncle, mentor, teacher, friend, CEO, servant, employee, colleague, business partner and a student of life. Every day of my life I am confronted with demands from aforementioned categories and they all expect me to be effective and productive to them all. This article elucidate on the challenges I faced is attempting to juggle in-between these jungles of my life – and remain productive and efficient.

During my years with a major Oil giant in Nigeria I had experience first-hand what it means to juggle the jungles of my life. The demands on the job was consuming, yet I had a company to run, friends that needs my attention, wife, kids, staffs and siblings – they all would require a piece of me every day. It was a regular thing to end my days exhausted and worn out.

One day I asked myself a question you probably may have asked yourself too, or maybe asking at this time? I asked myself a series of questions:

  • Is this going to be all that my life will be about?
  • What is life about anyways?
  • I’m I going to just live life daily juggling this juggle 24/7?
  • If not, then what is my life about?
  • I believe my life is about more, but how I’m I going to be able to manage everything?
  • Question! Questions!! Questions!!!

I have a ritual that I have been practicing for many years. I would rise early, itemize on my day targets and strategize on how I am going to meet them all before my day runs out. Funny thing is, no matter how well you plan, you can never capture everything on that list? There will always be demands outside your envisioned list that will either be urgent or important. These things always happen.

So, every day at close of work, I will take a moment to reflect on the days’ activities to see if my efforts counted – where I got it right, wrong or maybe, whys and re-strategize on how best I can make up for the losses another day. This ritual was very effective, yet I will always find myself short of 100%

Then I stumbled on a material by Bishop T. D. Jakes wish I want to share with you.

Through this material I realized that we (MEN) are a limited resource. Not understanding so is the reason we are not planning effectively and ending our days in frustration. Our wives, friends and colleagues et al must exercise understanding to this fact except the kids. As a limited resource I cannot be there for everyone at the same time.

Just as the ball jugglers do, you must cultivate the art to enable you keep your balls in the air at all times through a rhythm – were the BALLS here represents the aforementioned categories.

Keep the balls in the air through a rhythm. Your life should have a rhythm if you must succeed.

Ball jugglers do not allow all the balls in their hand at the same time – they will be forced to drop a ball. I am not sure you want to drop the balls in your life; especially when everyone in your life is significantly important in some way. Moral – do not try to please everyone at the same time, you will not succeed.

It didn’t take long to begin to practice juggling the balls in my life effectively and efficiently. Brothers, it worked.

Upon realizing I was a limited resource, I began to evaluate my tasks base on the best use of my time at any point and time. And at the end of every day while going through my score card, I paid attention to the things, issues and people that I could not meet their needs as planned and make sure I develop another plan on how to accomplish it another day. This rituals continue till date.

Fact is, when you have so much demands on your time and efforts every day, you will surely flunk in one or most areas every day; but you must make sure that you do not flunk in the same area every day.

Do this and you will succeed in juggling the jungles of your life successfully and efficiently – every day.

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Thank you

Akpanam (HUMBLE) Henry Mkpa

CEO Geared Logistics Ltd

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