Set Weekly Targets

Set Weekly Targets

By Humble Mkpa

Time is our most precious asset. Our ability to use our time effectively determines our success and failures, especially for the goals we have set for ourselves. While time is our most precious asset, the most important SKILL that we can deploy in that time is to THINK. You have heard them say that thinking is the hardest skill there is. Your ability to think critically and make important choices determines the results you get out of that space of time. Thinking critically also involve asking ourselves important questions and answering them correctly.

What have you set out to accomplish this week?

Are you one of those people that just go to work, do what you are told to do, and cannot wait to pack your bags immediately it is 4 pm?

How will you rate your attitude to work?

What value are you adding to your team?

If you are absent from work do you think you will be missed?

These, and lots more are very important questions to ask ourselves this Monday morning. If this is you, then I will advise that you begin to do things differently. My advice is not because your employer will increase your pay, but because you are doing yourself more harm than good.

It is high time we started working on our attitudes. If you are getting the pay then you owe it to yourself to deliver. If you do not like the job, please there are many other things that you can do for yourself with your time – especially when it is limited.

Set targets. What do you want to accomplish this week? Write them down and set date lines. Commit to your plans and ensure that you meet them on date lines.

It is all about discipline and commitment.

Cultivate the discipline to write things down and commit to following through. As you accomplish them daily you will grow in confidence and before long become results oriented. This is what breeds success, productivity, and effectiveness.

Productivity, effectiveness, and success will reward your life with happiness.

Wishing you a HAPPY week ahead.

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One thought on “Set Weekly Targets

  • February 13, 2017 at 7:04 am

    A good one for a Monday morning. Time is the raw material for making money, and its funny to note that we all have equal measure of it.


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