The success of every Individual, Business, and Institution is proportional to the degree to which such Individual, Business or Institution manage their time and priorities. In order to increase performance, profits, productivity and efficiency, it is best to do what successful People and Multi-nationals do – delegate through outsourcing. Geared Logistics Ltd is your best option.

From the diagram above, you can delegate one, or all sections of your Events or Services of any kind to us. We developed and manage a pool of seasoned professionals where we pull from to service you professionally. You do not have to worry about anything as we will supervise closely, and report updates to you from commencement to completion.

We have been very successful with Contracts, Outsourced logistics, Fleet Mgt, Monitoring and Analysis, Coordination, management, and in procurement. Let us work together on your next event or services need…you will be glad you engaged us.



Geared engage in sales of rare home appliances, electronics, gadgets, furniture and most legitimate sales. Lagos is the economic hub in Nigeria, we assist people outside Lagos to sort, collect, purchase and mail products to most parts of Nigeria. Helping you avoid traveling stress – at pocket-friendly prices.

We will also help you sell any personal appliance, electronic or furniture that you do not need anymore.

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This is one of our unique service. We register and negotiate job hires for the following set of persons:

  • Those who do not have full-time jobs
  • People willing to work two jobs or more
  • Students/Youth Corp members who seek holiday jobs
  • and Job applicants

Hiring can be short term or full time – from hourly to annually.

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Experiences gathered throughout my life as the CEO is share through this service. We offer training on, but not limited to the following:

  • Time and activities management
  • Goal setting
  • Vision management
  • Making Decisions
  • Managing routines
  • Managing oneself
  • Finding your purpose
  • Coordination and distributions
  • Fleet monitoring and management
  • Character and Attitude to work
  • and lots more

Training assures productivity and efficiency. Let us help your business today…our prices are moderate. Call let us talk business.

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