Endurance was planning his wedding. The wedding date was set and all hands were on deck to ensure everything went as planned.

He will return from work daily to review and follow up on his wedding plans. He is a gentleman and was working closely with his wife to be – through the division of labour.

Mike Tyson once said that: “Everyone has got a plan until they get punched in the face”. Problems were already brewing for Endurance and he didn’t have a clue what was coming. He encountered many problems, but our focus today will be on what I am about to share with you.

Endurance has a cousin that is a very good cook and had hire her to cook and serve at his wedding. His decision will not be considered out of place especially when viewed through the African traditional lens.

Fast forward 3-Months. It was his wedding day and proceedings led till when it was time to serve food at the wedding reception.

It was a 600 capacity hall. The caterer (His cousin) was somewhere at the back. They will dish, Ushers will carry the food in well-designed trays to serve the people. Endurance could notice that the Ushers will carry a plate of food in this huge tray, walk sluggishly across the hall to serve, then walk all the way back. He whispered a word to fast-track serving by having more plates in one tray so the M.C could move on. But within 5-minutes, he was informed that they ran out of food. It was obvious that something went wrong because from where he sat, he could tell the crowd was within the figure he planned with.

He was furious and did not understand what happened. He was busy trying to coordinate activities from the Podium but at the time it was too late.


This story emerged when I visited Endurance to congratulate him on his wedding since I was away at the time. He decided to share his wedding album with me and I immediately spotted this sad looks on his face on a few of those pictures. As you will guess right I asked why and he shared the story above. How his cousin messed up his wedding. The anger lingered on each time he looks at those pictures.

We both felt bad. I was sad because I would have been there to cover for him. He felt bad because he knew someone who could arrest that situation but thought he had everything covered.

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