By Humble Mkpa

Think about your life for a moment. Where are you coming from? Where are you today? And where are you going? We often trivialize these questions but they are no jokes.

If we MUST take our lives seriously and seek to progress significantly, then it is important that we measure our performance more often.

Cultivate a sport of becoming better than the person that went to bed the previous day. We need to know, as people living on purpose, that we are either repairing or preparing – every day. We are repairing when we are not managing our decisions properly, and preparing when we are consciously progressing in the direction of our life’s purpose.

What is your PASSION? What is your PURPOSE on Earth?

If you’ve never asked yourself these questions, then you are probably missing it. The answers to these questions are the engines that drives your life, brings you happiness, peace, wealth and ultimately – plant you where you will be remembered long after you are gone.

Passion and purpose are intimately linked. While that is true, it is also true that you can be passionate about something that you are not good at. Therefore, we need to approach our quest for purpose with keen and rapt attention to details. Your passion is the fuel that will burn you through this journey into the unknown. Usually, your passion is the thing you lose track of time when you are at it, and your purpose is what you do so great with the least amount of effort. So pay attention to details…it is speaking to you every day.


If you are like me, in the quest to finding your purpose. Our past life and experiences holds information that will guide us. If we make conscious effort to look back into our individual histories, we will be able to connect dots, and before long, the image we seek will begin to appear.


It is true that the results in our lives today are products of our decisions in the past summed together. If we do not like the results in our lives today, then it is time to make new decisions. Beyond making a decision, we must further discipline ourselves to manage those decisions. It is how we manage our decisions daily that determines if we are PROGRESSING or RETROGRESSING.


Everyone on Earth was created with a gift – which one is yours? Finding your purpose is true living. Unfortunately, this does not happen within a very short time; especially for multi-talented people.

Success takes regular imperfect practice. You must take it one day at a time. While success adds value to us, our significance adds value to others. It is in success that we find ourselves and it is in significance that we lose it.

You were not created to come to the world, go to school, get a job, marry, raise kids, builds a house and die. You are created for something more. Now, whether you find your purpose or not, it will not demote God or distorts His influence. It is your duty to discover it so get to work. This is truly what SUCCESS is – in essence.

Now, will you begin today to go after your life purpose and commit to it till you find it? My intention is to challenge you to engage in a thought process that will ultimately lead you there. If that is happening now, then I would have found my purpose.

Please take a moment to drop a line below. We will like to hear how you are going about finding your life’s purpose or how you did it? If you are also having issues finding yours, please let us hear from you too. Let’s rub minds

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