You probably have heard the saying that TIME IS MONEY. But have you ever wondered how time is money?

God created us all and handed us equal opportunity in the same space – 24hrs. So why then do people sit back wallowing in complain and excuses while many others are making more money in the same amount of time, same circumstance and conditions?

Nigeria is experiencing recession and many are hungry, yet people are making money and growing their assets. What do you think is responsible – luck, inheritance, God, Politics or Education?

First, we need to understand that making money is an art and can be learned. Also important, is your understanding of the law that governs how to make money – The Law of Compensation.

The Law of Compensation clearly states that:

“The amount of money you earn is in direct ratio to…

  • The need for what you do
  • Your ability to do it
  • And the difficulty in replacing you”

If you can find a problem to solve which will in turn address a need, and you have the ability to bring that solution in your imagination through theories and imaging into concrete fact, then with time, dominate the market in a way that makes it difficult for you to be replaced – then you are certainly going make a lot of money. It is that simple.

As simple as it sounds, we all will agree that this process takes time and efforts. So it all narrows down to the fact that we need to make deliberate effort in managing our TIME well.

There are 86,400 Seconds in a day – 24hrs. Ask yourself honestly, how much of that time do you INVEST, SPEND, or WASTE? Your honest answer is the reason why you are successful or unsuccessful. It is not the government, your family background, where you are living, relatives or friend who refuse to loan you money or witches – it is you. Until you stop hiding behind your excuses, you will continue to live, wear, and drive what you do not like.

Look at the results in your life today, do you like where you are? If you do not, then you owe yourself the responsibility to take action today. The results in your life today are a collection of your decisions up until now. For things to change, you must begin to make more informed decisions henceforth to change you.

Sitting back whining and complaining will not help. You need to take action – today. It starts with a decision.

Begin challenging yourself today by paying attention to how you spend your time daily? How much time do you…

  • Spend doing what is fun and easy?
  • Invest in doing what you were created to do?
  • Lose track of – unaccountable?
  • Invest working on and developing you?
  • Put into pursuing your God given dream?

Research reveals that we are living in the busiest generation in the last 400 years. Everything is moving so fast and there are enormous demands on our time that we are left to our wimps. We are losing money because we have lost track of our most precious resource – our time.

The addicted for doing stuffs that are fun and easy, procrastinating on crucial matters and crowding ourselves with busyness – plays trick on our minds, causing us to think that because we are busy that we are being effective. Take a moment to challenge your schedule…

Scientist carried out some research and discovered that most people spend 80% of their time daily doing things that are not adding value to their true self, and 20% of their time in doing things that are truly effective. 80% of 24hrs will be 14.4hrs and 20% will be about 3.6hrs – I think this explains why most people are poor, don’t you think?

If you sleep 6 – 8hrs, prepare, leave and stay at work from 6am – 5pm when you arrive home fagged out, sit back to watch the television, surf the web and share jokes on Whatsapp, Facebook and other forms of social media, then eat heavy and go to bed to sleep another 6-8hrs. How much time are you investing in you?

This is only a guide. You know your schedule better, and should you want to be true to yourself, this will guide you to working out how you are using your time.

However, if you are not excited about waking up early, experiencing boredom daily, have all the time to do what someone else ask you to do, and if you tell your dreams to all your friends it makes sense to them all – then you are not making proper use of your time.

I urge us to take every second of our lives seriously because TIME is the only thing we have to exchange/trade in life to make money – and we all have it for free every day. Quit making excuses. You are no body’s responsibility.

Things may not be cute around you today, but you have today and the rest of your life – use it wisely. If you didn’t know till now, then you can be excused. But what after knowing what you now know you refuse to cultivate the discipline that will transform your life forever, then you are not simply serious about your life.

What will you be remembered for if you die today? Can you pay for your funeral, or are you are just living life aimlessly thinking life is something that is just there for you to live?

Please, make a decision about your life today – it is your life for God’s sakes. He created all of us in His image, breathe into us breath of live which are His potentials. We have more potentials than we can ever imagine. To all He also gave equal opportunity in the same space.

What determines the differences among men is how each of us decides to sculpt his/herself through our MIND; which is why the Bible clearly states that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he, which also implies that as he continues to think, so shall he remain. Get transformed today by renewing your mind about TIME and MONEY correlation. It will serve you and the world at large.

…to be continued.

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Akpanam (HUMBLE) Henry Mkpa

CEO Geared Logistics Ltd