The Wedding Experience – 002

The Wedding Experience – 002

There are many ways to learn through experience. We can be directly involved in the experience or we can learn from others. One of the ways to do that will be to learn from the mistake of others.

I recently volunteered to assist in an event that I was not hired to manage. The circumstance that led to this decision was very touching. This experience is what I want to share with us.

It was Joy’s traditional wedding day and the couple was in high spirit. Things were seemingly going smoothly until a particular incident triggered a series of others.

Joy was working with her make-up artist. Part of the make–up artist ritual requires that she (Joy) sits still and positions her face in a particular way to enable stylist to deliver exquisitely. During this period Joy was receiving and making calls to ensure that their logistics was fluid.

A call came through communicating a disappointment with a vendor Joy hired. It was so bad that she busted into tears, messing up the artist’s job entirely. This went on for more than an hour and the artist, who had other jobs to deliver, was very furious…as you can guess, that anger affected her output.

A friend who knew me and had seen me in the crowd called my attention and I was able to pull up resources to quell that issue immediately. This, among many other avoidable incidents, happens every weekend to people hosting Events.

Now that you have this information, will you want it to happen to you or someone you know?

Weddings are expected to happen once in our lifetime (although not necessarily so). Shouldn’t we put up the best outing possible?

Do not wait until your event becomes a statistics for others. You can stay ahead by taking action. Call Geared Logistics for inquiries.

Most people that call us are usually surprised that our charges are very affordable. Until you call to inquire you may never know…and what you do not know can hurt you.

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