Endurance was planning his wedding. The wedding date was set and all hands were on deck to ensure everything went as planned.

He will return from work daily to review and follow up on his wedding plans. He is a gentleman and was working closely with his wife to be – through the division of labour.

Mike Tyson once said that: “Everyone has got a plan until they get punched in the face”. Problems were already brewing for Endurance and he didn’t have a clue what was coming. He encountered many problems, but our focus today will be on what I am about to share with you.

Endurance has a cousin that is a very good cook and had hire her to cook and serve at his wedding. His decision will not be considered out of place especially when viewed through the African traditional lens.

Fast forward 3-Months. It was his wedding day and proceedings led till when it was time to serve food at the wedding reception.

It was a 600 capacity hall. The caterer (His cousin) was somewhere at the back. They will dish, Ushers will carry the food in well-designed trays to serve the people. Endurance could notice that the Ushers will carry a plate of food in this huge tray, walk sluggishly across the hall to serve, then walk all the way back. He whispered a word to fast-track serving by having more plates in one tray so the M.C could move on. But within 5-minutes, he was informed that they ran out of food. It was obvious that something went wrong because from where he sat, he could tell the crowd was within the figure he planned with.

He was furious and did not understand what happened. He was busy trying to coordinate activities from the Podium but at the time it was too late.


This story emerged when I visited Endurance to congratulate him on his wedding since I was away at the time. He decided to share his wedding album with me and I immediately spotted this sad looks on his face on a few of those pictures. As you will guess right I asked why and he shared the story above. How his cousin messed up his wedding. The anger lingered on each time he looks at those pictures.

We both felt bad. I was sad because I would have been there to cover for him. He felt bad because he knew someone who could arrest that situation but thought he had everything covered.

Let a professional handle your events. The simple act of picking up the phone to make inquiries could bring that touch of perfection that you seek.

They say “assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups”, do not assume the charges are high and talk yourself out of trying. Pick up the phone and call Geared Logistics today. It does not matter if it is a small birthday gig, a wedding, conference, training etc. We have you covered.

We know the best Vendors when it comes to Events and Services Management. But, like Endurance, you may think you have it all covered until you get punched in the face. Do not let it happen to you. Learn from others’ experiences as you will not live long enough to experience them all on your own.

You can visit our website, Facebook Pages (Geared Logistics and GearedMINDS) to know more about us. Contact us for inquiries. You will be glad you did.

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The Wedding Experience – 002

The Wedding Experience – 002

There are many ways to learn through experience. We can be directly involved in the experience or we can learn from others. One of the ways to do that will be to learn from the mistake of others.

I recently volunteered to assist in an event that I was not hired to manage. The circumstance that led to this decision was very touching. This experience is what I want to share with us.

It was Joy’s traditional wedding day and the couple was in high spirit. Things were seemingly going smoothly until a particular incident triggered a series of others.

Joy was working with her make-up artist. Part of the make–up artist ritual requires that she (Joy) sits still and positions her face in a particular way to enable stylist to deliver exquisitely. During this period Joy was receiving and making calls to ensure that their logistics was fluid.

A call came through communicating a disappointment with a vendor Joy hired. It was so bad that she busted into tears, messing up the artist’s job entirely. This went on for more than an hour and the artist, who had other jobs to deliver, was very furious…as you can guess, that anger affected her output.

A friend who knew me and had seen me in the crowd called my attention and I was able to pull up resources to quell that issue immediately. This, among many other avoidable incidents, happens every weekend to people hosting Events.

Now that you have this information, will you want it to happen to you or someone you know?

Weddings are expected to happen once in our lifetime (although not necessarily so). Shouldn’t we put up the best outing possible?

Do not wait until your event becomes a statistics for others. You can stay ahead by taking action. Call Geared Logistics for inquiries.

Most people that call us are usually surprised that our charges are very affordable. Until you call to inquire you may never know…and what you do not know can hurt you.

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Set Weekly Targets

Set Weekly Targets

By Humble Mkpa

Time is our most precious asset. Our ability to use our time effectively determines our success and failures, especially for the goals we have set for ourselves. While time is our most precious asset, the most important SKILL that we can deploy in that time is to THINK. You have heard them say that thinking is the hardest skill there is. Your ability to think critically and make important choices determines the results you get out of that space of time. Thinking critically also involve asking ourselves important questions and answering them correctly.

What have you set out to accomplish this week?

Are you one of those people that just go to work, do what you are told to do, and cannot wait to pack your bags immediately it is 4 pm?

How will you rate your attitude to work?

What value are you adding to your team?

If you are absent from work do you think you will be missed?

These, and lots more are very important questions to ask ourselves this Monday morning. If this is you, then I will advise that you begin to do things differently. My advice is not because your employer will increase your pay, but because you are doing yourself more harm than good.

It is high time we started working on our attitudes. If you are getting the pay then you owe it to yourself to deliver. If you do not like the job, please there are many other things that you can do for yourself with your time – especially when it is limited.

Set targets. What do you want to accomplish this week? Write them down and set date lines. Commit to your plans and ensure that you meet them on date lines.

It is all about discipline and commitment.

Cultivate the discipline to write things down and commit to following through. As you accomplish them daily you will grow in confidence and before long become results oriented. This is what breeds success, productivity, and effectiveness.

Productivity, effectiveness, and success will reward your life with happiness.

Wishing you a HAPPY week ahead.

Please leave your comments and opinions below. If you wish to discuss the subject or discuss business, please see the contact section for details.

Watch out for the article on how to set SMART Goals

Thank you



By Humble Mkpa

Think about your life for a moment. Where are you coming from? Where are you today? And where are you going? We often trivialize these questions but they are no jokes.

If we MUST take our lives seriously and seek to progress significantly, then it is important that we measure our performance more often.

Cultivate a sport of becoming better than the person that went to bed the previous day. We need to know, as people living on purpose, that we are either repairing or preparing – every day. We are repairing when we are not managing our decisions properly, and preparing when we are consciously progressing in the direction of our life’s purpose.

What is your PASSION? What is your PURPOSE on Earth?

If you’ve never asked yourself these questions, then you are probably missing it. The answers to these questions are the engines that drives your life, brings you happiness, peace, wealth and ultimately – plant you where you will be remembered long after you are gone.

Passion and purpose are intimately linked. While that is true, it is also true that you can be passionate about something that you are not good at. Therefore, we need to approach our quest for purpose with keen and rapt attention to details. Your passion is the fuel that will burn you through this journey into the unknown. Usually, your passion is the thing you lose track of time when you are at it, and your purpose is what you do so great with the least amount of effort. So pay attention to details…it is speaking to you every day.


If you are like me, in the quest to finding your purpose. Our past life and experiences holds information that will guide us. If we make conscious effort to look back into our individual histories, we will be able to connect dots, and before long, the image we seek will begin to appear.


It is true that the results in our lives today are products of our decisions in the past summed together. If we do not like the results in our lives today, then it is time to make new decisions. Beyond making a decision, we must further discipline ourselves to manage those decisions. It is how we manage our decisions daily that determines if we are PROGRESSING or RETROGRESSING.


Everyone on Earth was created with a gift – which one is yours? Finding your purpose is true living. Unfortunately, this does not happen within a very short time; especially for multi-talented people.

Success takes regular imperfect practice. You must take it one day at a time. While success adds value to us, our significance adds value to others. It is in success that we find ourselves and it is in significance that we lose it.

You were not created to come to the world, go to school, get a job, marry, raise kids, builds a house and die. You are created for something more. Now, whether you find your purpose or not, it will not demote God or distorts His influence. It is your duty to discover it so get to work. This is truly what SUCCESS is – in essence.

Now, will you begin today to go after your life purpose and commit to it till you find it? My intention is to challenge you to engage in a thought process that will ultimately lead you there. If that is happening now, then I would have found my purpose.

Please take a moment to drop a line below. We will like to hear how you are going about finding your life’s purpose or how you did it? If you are also having issues finding yours, please let us hear from you too. Let’s rub minds

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