About us


Geared Logistics Ltd is a product of Commitment, Vision, and Purpose. We love getting things done. I (MD/CEO) was a Contract Employee with Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlt. (a subsidiary of ExxonMobil) for almost 10 years. During those years i functioned in various capacities which include but not limited to Logistics Coordination, Offshore Marine Coordination, Vessel Module Administrator, Fuel Monitoring Analyst, System Administrator, Vessel & Field Monitoring, Team Lead, and lost more.

Among many duties was daily job planning, delegating responsibilities and following through to ensure duties are carried out flawlessly, safely, timely, and economically. We also would manage offshore operations and supply water, food, fuel and materials to Vessels, Platforms, Drilling Rigs, FPSOs and Security Boats…for ERHA, Onne, QIR Off-shores, and Bonny Terminals fields. All together we were in control of between 90 – 120 facilities worth of Billions of Dollars. When it comes to Planning, Logistics Coordination, Administration – solving problems, you cannot get it better elsewhere.

In one sentence, we specialize in SOLVING PROBLEMS.

My job during those years was very challenging. It took daily cultivation of disciplines to adapt and function productively, efficiently, and consistently at the highest level – especially in an international community as ExxonMobil. Because this is a passion for me, such hectivity could not stop me from giving, at least, an hour in every 24hrs to build my dream. Those baby steps of 1hr a day culminated into the Geared Logistics that is servicing the World today. She is a seasoned company Geared at helping Individuals, Businesses and Institutions become more productive, efficient and profit driven, through SUPPORT SERVICES outsourcing while they function at their highest in core areas of competency.

Hire us, or out-source to Geared Logistics Ltd today and stand to benefit the following:

  • Eliminate from your daily life, distractions associated with follow-ups, disappointments and contingencies
  • Reduce aggregate cost accrued through calls, fuel burn and transportation risks
  • Rid your days of stress and burn out. Avoid cluttering your days with activities that you can delegate so you can function at your highest and best self
  • Make reasonable progress in reasonable time through out-sourcing and delegating. When you delegate, you gain time to focus on things that you, and only you can do; this will in turn boost you productivity and efficiency
  • During events, one will want to avoid being on the edge or trying to satisfy everyone – especially your friends and family. Pressure makes us develop the tendency to snap, say, or act in certain unconscious ways that could severe our relationships. These, and more are avoided when you delegate to us
  • Bask in feelings of fulfillment and accomplishment when you delegate to professionals – you stand to achieve the combination of excellence, cost effective and safe hosting
  • Increase profits for business; productivity and efficiency in daily business outcomes as staffs are focused on Company or Institution’s core produce…in far less time.
  • These and lots more await you Contact us NOW. See the CONTACT US section for details.